December 7, 2022

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The Cons of Stamped Concrete Vancouver BC | Why You Should Rethink?

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Stamped Concrete Vancouver BC

Negative parts of Stamped Concrete Vancouver BC

The ultimate goal of most homeowners is to ensure an incredible landscape. If you are a homeowner, you would be happy to see a colorful garden, manicured lawn, and flawless fencing around your property. You blush when your friends and relatives admire your effort. However, there are a few viewers who compliment your patios often. It is a rare case to hear admiration for the patio concrete, and if you have heard a good quote about your stamped concrete, it happens occasionally. Consider our top concrete services and specially Stamped Concrete Vancouver, BC. Although stamped concrete has a few negative aspects in it, the pros are not insufficient in numbers compared to the cons.

If you have a stamped concrete walkway or patio, it will indeed create a unique feel to your outdoor space.

Stamped Concrete Vancouver BC

It is an easy way to add value to your home through Stamped Concrete. It makes the structure bold, beautiful, and unique. The creative section remains open as you can choose any custom offers depending on your requirements. We believe that Stamped Concrete benefits home and commercial ground, including easy access, quick installation, affordability, versatility, customization ability, longevity, and aesthetics. The finishing must be seamless that is completely ensured by our licensed and certified Stamped Concrete contractor. If any error occurs by yourself while trying DIY, it will be costlier to fix them again.

The Major Cons of Stamped Concrete

Since we can recommend you choose the best part of a method, we can also let you know the bad sides of that choice. Stamped concrete has some disadvantages that must be known to you before you make a decision on the concrete patios.

  • Difficult to Repair
  • Development of Cracks
  • Becoming Slippery During Wet
  • Damage from Ice and Snow
  • Cleaning and Resealing
  • Intolerable to Heavy Loads

Difficult to Repair

Once a stamped patio flows, it becomes permanent, and you have to learn to start the journey with chips, cracks, and certain imperfections occurring. The reason is that the repair is difficult and expensive too.

Development of Cracks

Stamped concrete doesn’t last forever, and it starts cracking after a certain period. However, the problem arises if the installation doesn’t follow the rules of professional concrete. Thus, you can see damages sooner or later.

Becoming Slippery During Wet

It becomes slippery when it gets wet, which creates a safety concern for the walkers.

Damage from Ice and Snow

It can be damaged by ice and snow if you do not run a snow and ice removal certainly.

Cleaning and Resealing

Stamped concrete must be cleaned on a daily basis. On the contrary, it requires a resealing every two years or earlier.

Intolerable to Heavy Loads

It is not meant to tolerate heavy loads of vehicles and other objects. As a result, you need to avoid passing loads on it, or it will crack or cause damage.

Top Considerations of Stamped Concrete

Since stamped concrete has too many potential cons, you can think of installing other types of concrete figures for the patios and walkways.

What is the Alternative to Stamped Concrete?

Natural stones can be a good alternative to stamped concrete for your walkway and patio use. It is beautiful, long-lasting, and unique. However, they are expensive as well.

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